• Many Voices for Conservation and the Environment: Charlene West

    Charlene West 202010Continuing our series focusing on the contributions of Black Americans, Latin Americans, Native Americans, and other historically under-recognized groups to conservation and environmental sciences, this month we are featuring local Eastern Bluebird hero Charlene West.

    Charlene is retired from the US Navy and in 2014 her son left for college, leaving her more free time for exploring nature and the outdoors. She and a friend began participating in local hiking trips with various groups and started attending bird walks hosted by Duval Audubon Society as well. She has been a nature and bird enthusiast for many years.

    In early 2020 Laura Johannsen, the Northside Bluebird Trail monitor, needed assistance with monitoring while she was out of town for work. Charlene volunteered to help and started monitoring the more than thirty Eastern Bluebird nesting boxes in the Yellow Bluff Road area of Jacksonville in March.

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  • Lights Out Northeast Florida

    Rose breasted GrosbeakEvery year, billions of birds fly thousands of miles as they migrate north to their breeding grounds in the spring and south to their wintering grounds in the fall. Migration is one of the most dangerous times in a bird’s life. They encounter many hazards as they travel: predators, bad weather, stopover habitat destruction due to development, food availability disruptions due to climate change, and more.

    One of the biggest threats to migrating birds, especially to songbirds since they primarily migrate at night, is brightly lit windows and buildings. Bright lighting at night can cause birds to become disoriented and confused, often causing deadly collisions with buildings and windows. In addition, lights can throw birds way off their migration paths, resulting in exhaustion and vulnerability to predators. The American Bird Conservancy estimates that up to a billion birds are killed each year by collisions with glass windows.

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  • Climate Change and Resiliency Initiatives in Northeast Florida

    ClimateChangeCarlyWNortheast Florida decision makers have taken a long time to come to the realization that our climate is changing, ocean levels are rising, and our communities need to make serious efforts to improve our resiliency in the face of these threats. We are glad to see that government leaders and environmental organizations in our area have begun several initiatives this year aimed at reaching solutions to address the effects of climate change and sea level rise.

    Duval Audubon Society supports the following resiliency and climate change initiatives:

    The Resilient Jax coalition was formed in early 2020 with members representing a variety of environmental and conservation organizations in our area. The mission of the Resilient Jax coalition is, “To work collectively to propel equitable and proactive solutions that address the cause and effects of climate change in Northeast Florida through advocacy, education, and community involvement.”

    Several of the Resilient Jax coalition members are also serving on subcommittees of Jacksonville City Council’s Special Committee on Resiliency, which was appointed in January 2020 by then City Council President Scott Wilson in order to “comprehensively assess the resilience and health of the beaches coastline and the St. Johns River system, including its tributaries, wetlands and riparian land. As part of this assessment, it will review city environmental, land use and infrastructure policies that affect these valuable and often vulnerable county assets and the health and safety of our citizens.” The Special Committee on Resiliency is tasked to report its findings and recommendations by June 30, 2021.

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  • Native Plants for Birds

    Silver Leaved AsterTo help you create bird friendly habitat in your landscape, we are continuing our monthly series featuring a native plant that is beneficial to birds and pollinators.

    This month's plant is: Silver Leaved Aster (Pityopsis graminifolia)

    Autumn is a wonderful time of year for blooming asters and this class of flowers is one of my favorites.

    There are many asters to choose from but the Silver Leaved Aster is a lovely native which is found throughout Florida in scrub, sandhills and flatwoods ecosystems. It is also called Grass-leaved Goldenaster or Narrowleaf Silkgrass. It blooms later than most of the other fall wildflowers and can provide color from late fall into early winter.

    Silver Leaved Aster lives up to its name as the leaves are covered with silky hairs which give the plant a silvery look. It is a perennial with short or long rhizomes, depending upon the variety. (Read more...)

  • Upcoming Activities

    Crosby CBW IMG 20200222 091732As we announced previously, no group outings or indoor gatherings are planned for this fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But we still have some fun and informative events planned! Here's what's coming up for November:


    We look forward to seeing you soon!