Your Regional Conservation Committee

Carolyn Waving

Hello Audubon Members and Friends,

My name is Carolyn Antman and I am your representative on the Audubon Florida Board of Directors. There are seven geographic groupings called Regional Conservation Committees (RCCs) that cover all 45 chapters in the State. The Northeast Florida RCC includes Duval, St. John’s County, Alachua, Santa Fe, Flagler, Four Rivers, and Marion Audubon chapters. The NE FL RCC meets 3-4 times a year to discuss conservation issues and progress in the NE FL area. Check with your chapter Conservation Director to visit one of these meetings.

Each Chapter Representative on the Audubon Florida Board of Directors participates in the Chapters Committee, which meets monthly to discuss how Audubon Florida can assist local chapters to be as successful as possible. Last year our committee created and distributed a Chapter Leader/Board Manual which includes templates for agendas, budgets, Board member applications and the like as well as how-to instructions for basic chapter operations and best practices from chapters which have created successful programs or fund-raising events.

Since 2005 National Audubon Society has provided funding for collaborative grants to chapters, a process run by our Chapters Committee. Via a grant from FP&L, this year our Chapters Committee was able to fully fund all 10 applications for amounts between $520 and $1000. Programs funded by these grants ranged from purchasing optics for a young bird steward program to coastal dunes restoration. If you have ideas for your chapter and wish to help out and try to get a grant, please contact your Chapter President or Conservation Director.

Each year at Audubon Assembly in October, the Conservation Action Agenda is adopted. Once approved, these goals focus the work of state staff. Audubon Florida is unique in inviting local chapters to participate in the agenda-setting process. Each RCC selects one or two broad-based conservation goals for its entire RCC and these goals are included in the Conservation Action Agenda.