Campaigns to Protect Birds and Their Habitats

201904 Sweetwater SNKI Shane CarrollWith the accelerated growth of human development within the last century, threats to the survival of birds and other wildlife have increased significantly. According to a 2019 study published in the journal Science, North America has nearly 3 billion fewer birds today compared to 1970 – that’s a loss of more than one quarter of North American birds in the last 50 years! Causes include habitat loss due to development, insect declines due to widespread pesticide use, changes in climate cycles that affect food availability, and direct threats such as window strikes and predation by outdoor cats.

You can help by not only creating bird-friendly habitat in your own yard, but also adding your voice in support of initiatives advocating for policies that protect birds and their habitats. The following organizations are working hard to reduce threats to birds and other wildlife and conserve habitats critical to their survival, and their Action Centers allow you to quickly and easily add your voice on specific issues that resonate with you:

In addition, you can be an even more effective advocate for the survival of birds and conservation of their habitats by contacting your government representatives directly to make your voice heard. Signing a petition or sending an email from one of the Action Center sites listed above is helpful, but elected officials are even more influenced by direct communications from their constituents. Learn more here.

Last but most certainly not least, use the most effective tool you have: VOTE for candidates who put critical environmental issues front and center. It’s not just for the birds; we are ALL part of the interconnected web of nature, and the actions we take now will have a profound impact on the future of all life on our planet.