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Monthly Program: Learning the Language of Birds
Monday, January 18, 2021, 06:30pm - 08:00pm
UPDATE: Registration for this program is now full. If you were not able to register, you can still view the presentation on our Facebook page.

Speaker: Professional Birding Guide and Environmental Educator Holly Merker.

"If you have ever wanted to start to learn bird song? Now is a great time to begin while the birds are just starting to sing again. Picking out the songsters within the soundscape of your neighborhood is something we all can do. By using techniques and tips provided in this program, you will have the edge to approach learning this language, as well as understanding the benefits of tuning-out in order to tune-in. We’ll cover tips on identifying songs and calls of the most common birds in the Duval County region. Bring a notebook, and be prepared to learn the basics of this new language which will enrich your life as you step outside your door!"

Holly Merker is a professional birding guide and environmental educator living in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. She has been teaching people the art of bird identification by sight, ear, and habitat, for the last two decades, in PA, Delaware, Maine, and Florida. She is an avid birder, and birding instructor/guide for many organizations, including the ID Boot Camp, which she co-owns with ID Guide author Richard Crossley, and National Audubon's Hog Island Camp in Maine. Holly is co-founder/owner of, a business that promotes connecting people to birds for the wellness benefits. She is a Citizen Science junkie, and has the role of lead eBird data reviewer for Pennsylvania, and serves on the Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee. When not out birding, or leading birding tours, Holly can be found teaching watershed ecology to thousands of school students, annually, in her job as a professional environmental educator, in Downingtown, PA.
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