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Baby bird Creative CommonsIf you find and injured or orphaned bird, we suggest you observe the bird for at least 20 minutes to make sure it actually needs rescuing. This is particularly important during nesting season when you might think a young fledgling has been orphaned. If the bird isn't dragging its wing, limping, or falling over, LEAVE IT ALONE! Click here for more information on orphaned and injured birds.

If you determine the bird does indeed need rescuing, place the bird in a towel-lined box. Make sure it has a few air holes. Keep the box away from air conditioning or drafts. It is important that you DO NOT FEED IT ANYTHING and DO NOT GIVE IT ANY FLUIDS. Take the bird to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator such as B.E.A.K.S. In addition. some veterinarians may accept the injured bird.

We at Duval Audubon Society are not licensed to accept injured birds.


From Audubon's Action Center

Tricolored Heron DK"In the past year, Floridians have suffered devastating impacts from toxic algal blooms and red tide, threatening economic vitality and human and ecological health. There are many factors contributing to these blooms, including too many nutrients, overdrainage, and destruction of wetlands. Scientists have repeatedly confirmed the role wetlands play in cleansing water, storing water, and recharging aquifers.

On the heels of today’s celebration of World Water Day, the EPA has proposed dropping huge acreages of wetlands, streams, and lakes from receiving federal Clean Water Act protections. The protections are in the “Waters of the U.S. Rule” (WOTUS), and the proposed changes would further weaken protections of critical wetland habitats for species like the endangered Wood Stork. The EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers should be strengthening, not weakening protections!"

Click here to tell federal agencies to keep these important wetland protections.


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Carolyn Antman wavingThis month we're introducing a new feature so you can get to know your Duval Audubon Society board members! Carolyn Antman has served on the board of directors for many years, and is now our Duval County Conservation Chair. Here's more from Carolyn about the importance of Audubon in her life:

"The Audubon Society has changed my life. I had been an inactive Audubon member for many years when a customer of mine encouraged me to start attending meetings. That was in 2008. At that time I knew very little about birds, but I knew I liked them and that I was also an inactive environmentalist.

I really enjoyed the meetings and field trips and soon my customer (now my friend) encouraged me to join the Duval Audubon Board. Since then I’ve been to the National Audubon Leadership Training in Hog Island Maine, to almost yearly Florida Audubon Assemblies (where members from around the state get together to learn and exchange ideas), to a National Audubon Meeting in Salt Lake City and National Audubon Climate Change training session in Minneapolis.

In 2014 I joined the Audubon Florida Board as a Chapters Representative. I’ve been to many meetings and field trips and have learned a lot; but most importantly, I’ve meet WONDERFUL people, made a lot of friends, and I am no longer an “inactive” participant in conservation. Thank you, Audubon, for enriching my life!"

And thank you for your years of service, Carolyn!


Birding at Crosby SanctuaryDuval Audubon Society is an all-volunteer organization operated by a Board of Directors who manage the day-do-day business of running a chapter of the National Audubon Society. Current board openings include: Clay County Conservation Chair, Education Chair, and Volunteer Chair.

If you would like to join our board to help our chapter achieve its mission of connecting people with nature, please contact chapter president Jody Willis at

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