Tools Needed for Crosby Sanctuary

Students from Ridgeview HS Earth Club with Bluebird nesting box

Thanks to your support, we are purchasing a brush mower and trailer for use in maintaining Crosby Sanctuary. This will make a huge difference, especially in the spring and summer growing seasons, in the accessibility of the land and trails. In the past we have had a lot of difficulty getting the area mowed regularly and we are looking forward to this change.

However, we do need more tools. Please consider donating your spare (working) yard tools to Duval Audubon Society. Needed are: hand saws, chain saw, edgers, trimmers, shovels, rakes, axes/hatches, gloves and almost any other useful yard tools. Please note: there is no electricity, so we cannot use electric tools unless also battery-operated.

To donate: bring your tools to Crosby Sanctuary on an upcoming Crosby bird walk/workday (next ones: February 23 and March 23); bring your tools to an upcoming program (next ones: February 18 and March 11) or field trip where they will be passed on to Pete Johnson, Sanctuary Director; or, contact any Duval Audubon Society board member who will arrange for the tools to be collected.

Thank you for your support!