Crosby Sanctuary Update

Crosby SanctuaryOur volunteers work hard every fourth Saturday of the month at our Crosby Sanctuary conservation property in Orange Park to maintain trails and plantings, remove invasive species, and keep it trash-free. We have big plans for improvements at Crosby over the next several years to make it more accessible to everyone.

  • The board recently approved the purchase of a powerful brush mower so we can more easily maintain the trails that have been established over the last couple of years.
  • We plan to install a permeable-surface parking area inside the gate that will provide additional parking for visitors and reduce the need for street parking in the neighborhood surrounding the preserve.
  • Our most exciting project is the construction of an elevated boardwalk through the swamp section of the property. The earthen dike road that runs through the swamp is slowly deteriorating with each high-water event (Hurricane Irma had a significant impact on the entire neighborhood) and visitors currently need to wear rubber boots to avoid getting their feet wet after rainy weather. 

These developments will allow more people to experience this magical place, but we need your help! In early 2019 we will launch a campaign to raise the funds we will need to make these plans a reality, but you can donate at any time using the PayPal link on our website at Thank you!