Help our nesting coastal waterbirds by keeping your distance!

wainwright lete

This time of year beachgoers, fishermen and boaters are enjoying our coastal areas in northeast Florida. It’s also the time of year when our shorebirds are nesting. Some shallow beach nests and eggs are well-camouflaged. Even small chicks can be easily overlooked and stepped on. We have a decreasing population of several species so awareness can be critical to their reproductive success. Keep your distance. Do not allow your children or dogs to run and cause the birds to take flight. Eggs and chicks become vulnerable to our hot sun and predators when a parent is forced to leave their nest from disturbance.

Northeast Florida has several new critical wildlife areas that may not be marked off yet. Please take care to not disturb the birds if vising these areas. There are four CWAs posted for waterbird nesting: