What Peep Is This?

Have you found yourself trying to determine what peep you are seeing? Some of us recently had the opportunity to see an uncommon peep for our area. A cow pasture on Port Jacksonville Parkway in Jacksonville hosted a Baird’s Sandpiper. A long-winged peep, the Baird’s Sandpiper breeds in the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic and winters in South America. The typical migration pattern is through the Central Flyway so what a treat to see this bird in Northeast Florida! The Baird's has apparently moved on and is not presently being seen. This pasture has also recently had Buff-breasted, Pectoral, Least, Solitary and Upland Sandpiper. Be sure to check the Ebird reports for uncommon sightings.

Getting back to the peeps, here is an excellent article by Cameron Cox on peep identification. Duval county has had all five of these: Least, Semipalmated, White-rumped, Western and Baird’s. Take a look, North American Peeps – A Different Look At An Old Problem, and sharpen your peep ID skills!