International Coastal Cleanup Day

SARFMA Cleanup 20190921 6On September 21, 2019, Duval Audubon Society hosted a cleanup for International Coastal Cleanup Day at one of our very favorite local birding spots, St. Augustine Road Fish Management Area. St. Augustine Road Fish Management Area contains two fishing lakes that are operated jointly by the City of Jacksonville and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The larger lake drains into New Rose Creek, which connects directly to the St. Johns River. A hidden gem for nature lovers, it is usually empty of everyone except birds and fishermen. Migrating birds and year-round resident species love the lake and surrounding woodlands, and the park is an eBird Hotspot where 90 species have been reported.

SARFMA Cleanup 20190921 10Forty-five dedicated volunteers came out to help with the cleanup, including several middle school and high school students, a large crew from the Home Depot, and a kayaker who cleared trash on the water. The crew collected 37 bags of trash, 5 car tires, 8 bicycle tires, several soccer balls, and some large pieces of wood - quite a haul!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to help - your hard work is greatly appreciated!

We plan to do another cleanup at this location next year on March 14, 2020, so we'll have another opportunity to help keep trash out of our waterways and away from the wildlife we love.