Alarming News about North America's Birds

YRWA 201801 CBW 7DC 3938According to a recent study published in the journal Science, North America has nearly 3 billion fewer birds today compared to 1970 - that's a loss of more than 1/4 of North American birds in the last 50 years! According to Audubon, possible causes include habitat loss due to development, insect declines due to widespread pesticide use, changes in climate cycles that affect food availability, and direct threats such as window strikes and predation by outdoor cats.

What can YOU do to help birds? Cornell Lab of Ornithology recently shared some steps that you can take to help prevent further decline of our avian friends. Read Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds to find out more.

And, as you make your decisions about candidates for public office, please consider choosing candidates who place environmental considerations front and center. Public policy has a huge impact on the survival of the birds we love.